1 Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation

An effective web design is one in which your users are able to find information quickly and in a logical fashion.

Do they visit the content you want them to visit? Are they looking in the right places of your web page? Are you able to keep your user’s attention, or do they just leave quickly?

It’s not just about the content either. If your design loads slowly – or if moving from one section to another takes a long time – it affects the user’s experience.

These things can be the make-or-break factors between a user clicking on a link to find more information, or the back button to find it elsewhere.

Some things to consider:

LOOK AND FEEL: How does this web site look and feel?

  • What impression does the design and layout give? (For example, orderly, chaotic, focussed, professional, original, standard, minimalist, cool, hot, cluttered, calm?)
  • Is the look consistent from page to page?
    How well does the design suit the site's purpose and target audience?
  • What colors are used, and to what effect? (Are the colors bright, dark, pastel, feminine, masculine, shocking, harmonious, corporate --?)
  • What are the graphics like? (Professional or amateurish? original or unoriginal?)
    Is there a design theme? If so, is it appropriate?

USEABILITY: How easy to use is this web site?

  • Do pages download quickly?
  • How easy is it to find your way around this site?
  • Can you find information with three clicks or fewer?
  • Do all the links work?
  • Can you go straight to the home page from any other page?
  • Can you easily escape from the middle of a long page?
  • Does the site look OK in Internet Explorer and also in Netscape?
  • Does the site look OK on a PC and also on a Mac?
  • Are all the menu items named accurately?


READABILITY: Can you read the text easily?

  • If not, why not? (e.g. poor colour contrast, italics, block capitals, white on dark background, font too small?)
  • Can you view this page in a larger or smaller font if you want to?
  • Does the site make sense if you view it without graphics?
  • Can you see what each page is about at a glance?
  • Can you skim-read each page easily?
  • Can you easily understand the English?
  • Is the text concise?
  • Is the language appropriate for the intended readers?


STRATEGY: What is the strategy behind this web site?

  • What category is this web site: commercial, professional, educational, public service, not-for-profit or personal?
  • Is the category obvious?
  • Is the domain (.com, .co.uk, .org, .gov etc.) appropriate?
  • Is there any good reason why this web site should exist?
  • Does this site offer valuable content?
  • Does this site enable you to do something fun or useful?
  • Is something offered free on this site? If so, what?
  • Who is the target audience of this site?
  • Does this web site advocate a particular point of view?
  • What is the main purpose of this site? Is the purpose clear?
  • What action does the site owner want you to take?


CREDIBILITY: How far do you trust this website?

  • Whose web site is this?
  • Is the logo or identity on every page?
  • What contact details are given: physical address, postal address, phone number?
  • Can you find an actual e-mail address (not just a link to one)?
  • Are there staff profiles? Details about the site owner or company or organization?
  • Can you tell how long the site or the organization has existed?
  • Can you tell when the site was last updated?
  • Is the content original and well written? Is it free of typos and other errors?
  • Has at least some of the content been added or updated recently?
  • What is the privacy policy of this site?
  • Do other sites exist with the same information?
  • Is the information the same?
  • Are the other sites valid sources?


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