1 Typography

Text As Image Assignment


Make an image that is composed entirely of text - no other shapes or lines. Shapes, lines, colors, and textures must be made of blocks or lines of text, or of individual letters.

Here's a way to do it:

  1. VERY LIGHTLY in pencil, draw an image on your paper.
  2. Continuing in pencil, replace all the lines, shapes and textures with block or lines of text, or with individual letters.
  3. Letters may also be used to create texture.
  4. Redraw all of the words/letters in ink pen or marker.
  5. Erase all of the pencil lines.


  1. Go large. Use an entire sheet of white paper.
  2. The final image must have no lines, shapes, colors or textures that are not created purely with letters or words.
  3. The image may be abstract but the overall composition must be balanced.


This assignment will be graded on these criteria:

1. Time and effort
2. Originality
3. Meeting the requirements listed above.


text as image
text as image

text as image


text as image
text as image
text as image