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Information Center

This is the community database of information and resources.
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Community Facilities

Major Service Providers of our Community

Our Global Company
Our Global Company Inc. provides consulting services for organizations willing to tackle the change agents operating in their business arena.
Everything For Coffee
Major provider in the coffee industry. Products ranging from classic percolators to modern automatic drip coffee makers, different types of coffee makers are available at various price ranges.
Graser County Government
The government of Graser County under Her Excellency Ms.Katherine Lee takes care of the law and order and public welfare.
Chermont Medical Center
The Chermont Medical Center is a charity hospital that takes care of the medical needs of the citizens of Chermont. It has a specialized heart care center and an institute for cancer.
Chermont University
"To educate and enable" is the primary motto of the Chermont University. It offers courses from both the sciences and the humanities group and vocational courses as well.

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