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the designed and structured surface of a picture: In Mondrian's later work he organized space in highly complex rhythms; the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface.

Related Concepts

Actual space is a three-dimensional volume that can be empty or filled with objects.

It has height, width, and depth.

Space that appears three-dimensional in a painting is an illusion that creates a feeling of actual depth.

Various techniques can be used to show such visual depth or space.

Space in Fine Art

Robert Henri - Snow in New York
Robert Henri - "Snow in New York", 1902

Henri painted this snow scene in New York City with careful attention to the feeling of space. Henri uses several basic techniques to show space: perspective, values, overlapping, and size of shapes.

White Space

White space is the part of the design that "isn't" there.

It is the space between visual elements — it's an integral part of the message. White space tells you where one section ends and another begins.

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What is it?

As important as the elements that are there. The unified background color(s), textures, effect or image make up the white or negative space.

Why is important?

How to achieve it