Most art directors have a degree in advertising and design, as well as advanced training in graphic design. In an advertising and design degree program you will learn to plan, design, and direct the creation and production of print ads, as well as learn how to run a successful 360-degree ad campaign. With the creative and business skills gained by proper training in advertising and design, you will be qualified to pursue a career as an art director or creative director.

Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities for art directors can be found with advertising agencies, magazine and newspapers, public relations firms, and manufacturers. However, over half of art directors employed in the U.S. are self-employed or freelance.


The average salary for an art director is about 50,000 to 80,000 dollars a year. Wages can vary by employer, area of the country, level of experience, responsibility, and size of the project. Many art directors also earn bonuses each year, which equal up to about 10 percent of their salaries


The scope of the graphic designer is far from narrow. Graphic Design jobs cover all ends of the creative spectrum.

All of these graphic design jobs require attention to detail, design sense, problem solving skills, and up to date knowledge of the latest software. The best way to land a graphic design job and enter into this exciting field is to get the right training at a graphic design school or college that offers a graphic design degree.